ZIR24 Interface

a platform integrating various ITS and road safety systems. It frees users from local software by enabling monitoring and management of the entire city via any web browser. It is available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which makes it an easy-to-implement and affordable platform.

Detailed information

The ZIR24 platform has its roots in the late 1990s when it was used as a window application (SNS-ASR) to monitor and manage the operation of ASR controllers using dial-up internet access, and the controllers have their telephone numbers. 

Today's ZIR24 still works with ASR, but now it is open to controllers and platforms from different manufacturers.

Supplied as a SaaS model, the ZIR24 Interface is simple to implement and affordable. What is more, the solution can even be implemented for a single SMART device.

Key features of the ZIR24 Interface:

  • access to the system via a web browser - no need to install any local applications
  • openness - cooperation with devices and platforms from various manufacturers
  • multi-level access - possibility to create accounts such as administrator, operator, observer
  • possibility of assigning different rights to users
  • Internet access to operator-type accounts with low privileges, access using a VPN certificate for users able to make changes to ITS equipment
  • scalability - the possibility of implementation for a single device with the possibility of simple expansion, the possibility of periodic testing of functionality
  • possibility of sending alarms to users via SMS and e-mail (user-defined alarms)
  • option to generate reports on the operation of ITS devices
  • function of adding digital documentation to individual devices - operation logs, catalogue cards, guarantees, etc.
  • the possibility of creating new SMART modules according to customers' expectations

More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

Or e-mail

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