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For over two decades, ZIRclassic traffic lights have helped us safely travel on the roads. During this time, the device has retained its classic shape, top-quality material and modular construction. Due to its high resistance to all kinds of mechanical damage and full tightness, preventing the ingress of dust or water, it has gained wide recognition on the international market.

Detailed information

The offered product is made in a Polish factory, from high-quality polycarbonate. With our product, we guarantee resistance to mechanical damage, including acts of vandalism. The modular design of the signal head enables easy replacement of its elements - the roof, door or light source.

Standard equipment of the traffic lights is optical systems made using LED technology,guaranteeing the longevity of operation and an excellent light source. Furthermore, we provide access to all commonly used voltages - 12V, 24V, 40V(OCIT), 42V and 230V.

ZIRclassic traffic lights are suitable for two-support mounting, using polycarbonate or aluminium brackets, or single-support mounting, thanks to an aluminium bracket and a special adapter and cap to strengthen the structure. The offered brackets are available in two versions - for mounting to flat or round surfaces.

Traffic signals are available in black (RAL9005), green (RAL6009) and yellow (RAL1003) colour. The chamber is also available in grey (RAL7032) colour. There is a possibility of any combination of colours. We are also able to produce a signal head in any colour chosen by the customer.

Product specifications for download below.




Innovative LED replacement

Full tightness (IP55), compliant with PN-EN 60529

Simple assembly and operation

Easy to replace components

Increased resistance to impact, vibration and temperature fluctuations

More information about the product:

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