Traffic lights have made life easier for all road users to reach their destinations. Traffic control devices organize and streamline traffic flow at intersections. Moreover, traffic lights significantly reduce the number of accidents by minimalizing the intersection crush points.

Thanks to the cooperation of our three professional companies, we offer a comprehensive service that includes the implementation of construction tasks in the field of traffic road engineering. Starting from traffic analysis through making a project and programming the traffic controller and construction. During the fulfillment of each order, we offer a varied range of our products while ensuring attractive prices.

Below we introduce our largest implementations:
  • Construction of the highway junction at the intersection of the A1 and A4 freeways
  • Construction of a crosswalk in the city center of Zabrze
  • Building of traffic lights at pedestrian crossings on one of the main streets in Poznań
  • Construction of traffic lights in the central intersections in Sosnowiec,
  • Construction, modernization, and installation of traffic lights for ITS systems in Chorzów, Gliwice, and Radzionków
  • Asymmetrical lighting of pedestrian crossings in the center of Radzionków. Construction of in-road warning lights and a spatial orientation system for the blind.
  • Rebuilding of the road system in Gliwice - project included installing traffic lights, mounting controllers, detectors, touchless pedestrian buttons, and other devices, which aim to improve traffic flow in places exposed to high loads and increase all road users’ safety.

Our advantage is the background of qualified specialists in the field of road construction and traffic engineering. Thanks to many years of experience, we are prepared for any challenges and exceptional cases. Moreover, we have all instrumentsthat allow us to fulfill the orders comprehensively.

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