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Traction sensor | ZIR-CT

In response to the growing customer needs in the field of public rail transport and the necessity for providing priority service at intersections, we have developed the ZIR-CT traction sensor.

Detailed information

The ZIR-CT traction sensor is used to detect the trams in the area of intersections with traffic lights. It is a device that is structurally simple and also very effective in operation. The use of two photo-optical sensors connected in series eliminated all "false" reports caused by snowfall or rain.
The main advantage of the device is the simplicity of installation compared to other tram detection systems. The device is mounted to the traction cable using a dedicated holder and connects to the control cabinet with a three-wire cable. There is no need for milling or drilling in the track, which is necessary for detectors that study changes in inductance or magnetic field. Non-invasive installation of the ZIR-CT traction sensor allows its installation on the infrastructure covered by the contractor's warranty.

The ZIR-CT traction detector has passed the tests of compliance with the following standards:
  • PN-EN 50124-1:2017-09 Railway applications. Insulation coordination. Part 1: Basic requirements. Air and surface spacing for all electrical and electronic equipment.
  • PN-EN 50163:2006 Railway applications. Supply voltages of traction systems.

  • PN-EN 60077-1:2018-01 Railway applications. Electrical equipment of rolling stock. Part 1: Basic operating conditions and general principles in the Research Laboratory of Switchgear at the Institute of Electrical Engineering "Łukasiewicz", accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation.

The utility model of the device has been registered.

Our customers currently operate over over 650 ZIR-CT traction detectors in cities such as Łódź, Bytom, Chorzów, Zabrze, and Gorzów Wielkopolski.




Simple assembly




High-quality finish

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