Nowadays, efficient traffic lights are essential to ensure safety and traffic flow. Taking into account the increasing volume of road traffic, it is necessary to provide the highest quality traffic control devices in which any possible faults will be solved immediately.

Maintenance and repair service of traffic lights

For nearly 30 years, we have been taking care of the comprehensive maintenance of traffic lights. We diagnose faults, breakdown service, and modernize traffic signals. Currently, we are responsible for maintaining more than 200 objects in the Metropolis in the center of the Silesian Province. In addition to the ongoing services, we also manage variable message signs, active traffic signs, radar boards, traffic bollards, and PTZ cameras. We provide our services in Bytom, Chorzów, Świętochłowice, Zabrze, Knurów, and Radzionków.

As part of the concluded contract for the management and maintenance of traffic control systems, we can ensure:

  • 24-hour emergency services for traffic lights,
  • Removal of current faults and failures,
  • Installation and configuration of traffic light controllers,
  • Modulation of vehicle and bicycle detection systems,
  • Care of the aesthetic appearance of traffic lights, substructures, and fixtures
  • Preparation of electronic reports on systematic inspections of traffic signal facilities,
  • Upgradation cable ducts within intersections,
  • Perform grounding measurements,
  • Set up the configuration of video detection cameras (including virtual fields for the detection of traffic participants),
  • Inspection and installation of traffic lights,
  • Upload approved traffic signal programs to meet the needs of the client,
  • Implementation of permanent or temporary traffic organization.

What distinguishes us, is:

  • Qualified staff with experience and all relevant licenses,
  • Fast reaction time thanks to which, repair activities are undertaken immediately,
  • Daily detours and inspections of all traffic lights and signaling devices,
  • Preparation and submission of electronic inspection reports of traffic signal facilities to the ordering party,
  • Timely removal and quick fault detection

A team of experienced specialists provides high-quality services, while while quickly completing the order. As a company, we ensure the reliability and comprehensiveness of the services provided thanks to the constant access to all necessary materials used to control road traffic. We can assure you that the experience we have gained over the years will ensure professional service of traffic lights in your city.

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