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Revolutionary. Innovative. Unique. When the idea of designing a new traffic light was born, our main objective was to create a product that would stand out from the competition. As a result of experience and state-of-the-art technologies, we believe that the ZIRnovo in the diameter 200 mm and 300 mm versions is a response to the growing customer needs and the constant dynamization of technological progress. ZIRnovo is also an unprecedented universality and a fresh look at solutions from a new perspective because the future has no bounds.

Detailed information

Individual elements of the traffic light ZIRnovo, such as the visor, door, and chamber, made of polycarbonate, which provides durability and high protection, have been designed in such a way as to allow simple assembly without using any tools. Another innovation is a double-sided opening door and a unique outer ring, thanks to which we get the possibility of mounting the visor as well as the entire traffic light also horizontally, without additional intervention.

However, the main innovation we achieved is using the aluminum profile, attached to the rear part of the chamber, giving the possibility of a new way of mounting, consisting of two mounting arms-movable and, depending on the customer's requirements, with a length of L50 or L100. As a result, we get a new solution, providing an opportunity to adjust the position of the traffic light vertically, along the entire length, and horizontally. Moreover, the customers can choose which mounting system is more suitable for them since we kept the possibility of using classic two-support mounting - polycarbonate and aluminum brackets.

In addition, thanks to the use of cover caps specially adapted to the new installation, our new traffic is characterized by the highest protection in this branch - IP66. Another key feature is the possibility of mounting the LED insert from the inside or outside..

For more, we encourage you to watch our product video on YouTube –>ZIRnovo



Game-changing design


Revolutionary mounting

Unique door opening

Infinitely adjustable

Innovative LED replacement

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