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ZIRslim Mini

The developed series of Slim signal head allowed us to create the Mini variety, in which the diameter of the light source is only 100 mm. Such a small device works great as a repeater for main signal head devices or as a device for cyclists. Additionally, it is often used at the entrance gates to parking lots and garages.

Detailed information

ZIRslim Mini signal head is characterized by durability, quality of workmanship and the modular design characteristic of our signal head, which allows for easy replacement of the light source, the door or even the chamber. The device is designed for direct mounting to the surface and does not require the use of fixing brackets.

The main application of the Mini siren is the function of a "repeater" of the main siren. The solution provides greater comfort to drivers who, having a beacon at eye level, can better observe the surroundings and improve the overall feeling of using the infrastructure.

The device is also perfect as a signal head dedicated to cyclists and it is a solution widely used, for example, in Scandinavian countries. The extension of the signal head with special "bicycle" symbols emphasizes the purpose of the device for the target group. Placed at a height appropriate for the cyclist, it provides better signal visibility, and thus improves safety.

An additional application of ZIR Slim Mini is their use at all kinds of entrances, such as parking lots, garages, scales or even property areas. Thanks to small dimensions and direct mounting to the surface, customers get a wide range of possibilities of using the device.

ZIRslim Mini traffic lights are available in black (RAL9005) and green (RAL6009) colour as standard, with the option of combining colours. We offer LED light sources with a diameter of .100 mm in 230V, 40V and 12V versions.



Game-changing design


High-quality finish

Simple assembly and operation

Easy to replace components

Increased resistance to impact, vibration and temperature fluctuations

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