Road Traffic Safety

Radar detection

A radar detector can detect pedestrians, cyclists and cars. The main advantages of radar are cost-efficiency, simplicity of installation and no maintenance needed. This solution works well at induced pedestrian crossings, including those with a traffic calming function giving a red signal to vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

Detailed information

The RFSV radar detector from the R-Flex range is a 24 GHz microwave sensor using the Doppler effect, ensuring high detection reliability.  Its configuration is simple and only requires a smartphone equipped with the CapMobile application.

The radar configuration allows filtering of detected objects  in terms of speed, direction of movement, stopping time and distance from the radar. It communicates with external devices via digital outputs equipped with two relays to transmit information about an approaching vehicle and one that is exceeding speed.

Product advantages:

  • easy and non-invasive installation

  • simple configuration and maintenance using a smartphone app

  • solid and aesthetically designed

  • adjustable operating range

  • front LEDs indicating device status


  • traffic lights at pedestrian crossings, detection of vehicles approaching the crossing

  • traffic lights with the calming function, red signal for speeding vehicles

  • active speeding signs

  • dynamic street lighting


Szybka instalacja

Solidne i estetyczne wykonanie

Regulacja zasięgu działania

Diody informujące o stanie urządzenia

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