ZIRscreen I Backboards and slings

Backboards with slings are intended for traffic signals mounted on the overhang. Backboards are designed to distinguish the traffic light from the background and increase the effectiveness of light signals perception by road users and constitute a very important element of road safety.

Detailed information

Backboards are available in two versions - smooth, in which the screen made of the aluminium sheet has a uniform surface, without any indentations, and perforated, where the trapezoidal ribs significantly reduce air resistance. The ZIRscreen backboards attached directly to the signal head is available in rectangular or oval shapes.

The slings are intended for mounting the traffic signal on the overhang. They include a dedicated steel sling retrofitted with aluminium or polycarbonate consoles and an appropriate clamp. All steel elements are galvanized and additionally secured with a powder coating. The signal head sling used in the double-support assembly on the extension arm enables adjustment of the signal head in three different planes, enabling to be positioned vertically, in the direction of the traffic lane, and to obtain the inclination angle concerning the horizontal.

It is possible to make a contrast screen or a sling, according to the customer's requirements.




High-quality finish


Simple assembly and operation


Easy to replace components

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