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Electric cars are no longer the future, but the present. Most car manufacturers offer electric vehicles, and customers themselves have found out that this is a real alternative to internal combustion cars. The growing popularity of electricians necessitates the expansion of the infrastructure that allows charging cars.

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Detailed information

The ZIR Group, taking into account the prevailing trend and customer expectations, has introduced electric vehicle charging stations to its offer. Contrary to the saying of shoemaker's children often go barefoot. We started from our headquarters, własnego podwórka2 stations have been installed enabling the simultaneous charging of 4 vehicles, and an electric vehicle has appeared in the state of the company's fleet, used by teams maintaining traffic lights. Therefore, we can talk about electromobility based on our own experience.

We are a distributor of the Spanish company CirControl, whose charging stations are installed in 56 countries, in over 50,000 locations. Let us be sure that the product that we introduce to the Polish market is of the highest quality.

The devices we offer can be divided into three basic types:


Designed for installation in private homes, housing estates, businesses and all other places where access authorization is not required. Enable vehicle charging with alternating current (AC).

Post eVolve

Intended for installation in public places: urban spaces, shopping centres, parking lots, airports, gas stations, and private ones: companies, parking lots in front of office buildings, underground garages. They enable access authorization and settlement of charging fees. Stations use alternating current (AC).


Prepared for installation in public and private places, wherever the vehicle needs to be quickly charged to continue driving (e.g. passenger service areas on highways and expressways, restaurant parking lots, taxi ranks). The vehicle's battery can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes. Charging is done using direct current (DC).




High-quality finish


Simple assembly and operation

A variety of versions to choose from

The ability to personalize the appearance of the device

More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

Or e-mail sales@zir.com.pl

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