ZIRarm I Cantilevers and Masts

Philosophy of our company always was to combine utility with aesthetic design. When it comes to traffic lights, extension arms are their most visible parts so we knew they deserve our special attention.

Detailed information

What still prevails on the intersections across the country are crude if not ugly instances of these elements. That’s where we thought was room for innovation. Our goal was to make an optimal design that would fit and contribute to the surrounding architecture, be it either the historic city centre, modern industrial district or rural area. We succeeded at our goal in that we managed to convince municipalities and road authorities to the architectonic value that characterizes our product, and as a result, a number of our extension arms have been installed all around Silesia region and beyond. 

At the same time, our extension arms have many technical merits that make them stand out of the competition.

Wide range of span, fast and easy assembly, arm rotation or compliance with 3rd wind zone.

The cantilevers have a registered industrial design No. 7306.



High-quality finish

Timeless design



Customized span up to 12 meters

Can be rotated 360 °

More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

Or e-mail

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