Traffic Lights

Pointing the right direction

Over 15 years ago, we started the production of our traffic signals - ZIRclassic, in the meantime enriching the offer with a "Slim" version and a "reduced" version - ZIRslim Mini. Housing equipped with LED light sources creates an invaluable product safe conditions bezpiecznych warunków on roads. Our signal heads have gained recognition all over the world, being present in many international markets.

ZIRnovo +
ZIRclassic +
ZIRslim +
ZIRslim Mini +
LED inserts + masks +
Countdown +
Mounting Brackets +

Road Traffic Safety

For the sake of users

Road traffic safety devices provide the comfort of using the infrastructure for drivers and pedestrians. Intelligent traffic light controllers, video detectors or buttons for pedestrians allow you to adjust programs to the current expectations of road users, improving the comfort of using road infrastructure and increasing safety.

ITC-3PL | Traffic Light Controller +
ZIRflow | video analytics system +
Videodetection | Autoscope IntelliSight +
Traction sensor | ZIR-CT +
ZIRbutton I Pedestrian button +
ZIRtouchless I Pedestrian button +
ZIRlouder I Acoustic Device +
Radar detection +


High-quality materials

In the context of the construction of intersections, it is extremely important to use structures that are durable, reliable and easy to install, and at the same time, they will fit into the surroundings, regardless of the place of installation. Bearing in mind the above-mentioned issues, we provide you with cantilevers with a unique design, road barriers with a universal structure, backboards and slings.

Wysięgnik I ZIRarm Mini +
ZIRarm I Cantilevers and Masts +
ZIRhead | Heads +
ZIRscreen I Backboards and slings +
ZIRguard I Barriers +

Other Equipment

Everything which makes the future easier

Innovative solutions ensuring work comfort, time in the background, but often proving necessary in the implementation of projects. Extremely important in the context of achievements - starting with minor ones, ending with projects with a perspective of several years, as in the case of the development of electromobility.

eMobility +
Hot Sealing Compound +

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