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Autoscope is one of many examples in which the company's name has become a synonym for the name of an entire group of products. It is the most popular manufacturer of video detection systems in the Polish market. Now available in a new version - Autoscope IntelliSight.

Detailed information

Based on more than three decades of video detection experience, Autoscope IntelliSight provides the highest innovation and performance in an easy-to-use detection solution. IntelliSight has the advantage of a robust and reliable hardware platform. Autoscope supports transportation leaders striving to improve safety with world-class technology, enabling safe and cost-effective road travel.

Autoscope IntelliSight takes video detection to a new level by offering the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms.


  • high performance in detecting vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians

  • improved real-time traffic data collection

  • object detection and motion tracking

  • cost-effective solution

  • Smart City ready with connectivity to other systems


Łatwość w użyciu

Niezawodna platforma sprzętowa

Algorytmy oparte o AI

Gromadzenie danych w czasie rzeczywistym

More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

Or e-mail

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