Road Traffic Safety

ZIRlouder I Acoustic Device

ZIRlouder is a series of audible signal devices that transmit sound signals at pedestrian crossings with traffic lights, which one hundred percent meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Thanks to the advanced algorithm for adapting the sound level to the environment, ZIRlouder can be used at any intersection without reducing the comfort of the life of people living near agglomerations.

Detailed information

Our acoustic devices primarily meet the needs of people with visual impairment, helping them to use urban space safely, handling and transmitting sounds suitable for auxiliary and pulsating green and red signal sounds. Based on our experience and practical application, we have decided that our latest acoustic device will be equipped with advanced algorithms optimizing the sound level, which allowed us to meet the needs of all users of urban space.

The acoustic device has a tight, hermetic housing that ensures complete water resistance. The frequency of transmitted sounds set using DIP Switches depends on the type of pedestrian crossing. External potentiometers allow for adjustment of the volume of the main signals, the button guidance signal, and the sensitivity of adaptation and do not require any tools.

Types of the acoustic device:


The most basic and cheapest version, nevertheless meets all formal and legal requirements. The device features a hermetic housing (IP 54), a push-button guidance function, confirmation of pressing the button, and advanced algorithms to ensure an appropriate volume level.


Has the same functionality as the Basic version but also allows control of the vibration of the pedestrian button, which makes all intersection and traffic lights even more friendly for the visually impaired and deaf.


The new feature in this version of the acoustic is a mobile app that visually impaired people can use to turn on the pedestrian button and control its vibration level.





Compliance with the Regulation

Adaptation of sound to the prevailing environmental conditions

Simple assembly and operation

A variety of versions to choose from

More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

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