Traffic Lights


Our offer includes a wide range of additional devices, the installation of which is optional depending on the customer's requirements. One of such devices is the time display - "countdown timer", which can be used as an addition to the .200 mm and .300 mm signal heads.

Detailed information

The time displays show the time remaining until the next red or green phase starts. The solution provides greater safety for road users - both pedestrians and drivers, increasing their orientation and predictability of actions. The countdown timer informs about the remaining seconds to the next red or green phase, and thus contributes to better orientation and less risky behavior of pedestrians and drivers at intersections.

  • Two-color display, with red and green LEDs - high flux diodes.
  • Optional: display available in version with yellow LEDs
  • Two modes: fixed time or self-learning
  • Requires no additional wiring to the controller
  • Easy installation in housings (ø 210 mm / ø 300 mm)
  • Signal size: 210 mm 2 digits, signal size 300 mm 2½ digits

Supports pedestrian (red / green), vehicle (red / yellow / green) signaling cycles as well as special cycles (e.g. flashing green)



High-quality finish


Simple assembly and operation

A variety of versions to choose from

Full tightness (IP55), compliant with PN-EN 60529

Full compliance with the PN-EN 12368 standard, certificate issued by SIQ from Ljubljana

More information about the product:

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