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Emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances, and police vehicles have the highest priority on roads to respond immediately and get to an incident place as quickly as possible because during an emergency, every second matters. For this reason, a priority system is used to help emergency vehicles get to their intervention faster and much safer.

Detailed information

The ZIR Group offers a priority system - ZIR-PRIORITY - enabling priority service of public transport and emergency vehicles. The technology guarantees safe passage through the intersection for emergency vehicles equipped with a special onboard unit. Thanks to this solution, the vehicle does not have to slow down before the intersection and does not generate noise due to less use of sirens. Moreover, the priority system allows drivers to more easily create a corridor of life for an oncoming emergency service vehicle.

The priority is given in two models:

  • ,,ALL RED”when all signals transmit red light, and the intersection shield is "cleaned" of vehicles. The emergency vehicle bypasses pending vehicles and safely crosses the intersection.
  • "GREEN LIGHT" causes all signals at the inlet to which the emergency vehicle is approaching to dispute a green light.

Wideo prezentujące sposób działania systemu priorytetu dostępne na naszym kanale YouTube: ZIR-PRIORITY-EV | Emergency vehicles

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