Thanks to the combination of information and telecommunications technology with transport infrastructure and vehicles, safety, efficiency of transport processes and environmental protection are increased. ITS, through the integration of devices and technologies, provides the ability to control and manage traffic, detect road incidents, prioritize public transport vehicles or register incidents that are inconsistent with the plan.

Development of the ITS concept

We prepare concepts and tender documentation for ITS systems tailored to the needs of a given city or commune. Our studies are created based on the "goal function", which means that we first agree with the Investor on the goals we intend to achieve and then indicate solutions and subsystems that will enable them to be achieved. This approach allows the contracting authority to avoid a situation in which, after the investment, ITS has a lot of devices and data, but it is not known what they are used for or for what purpose they are processed.

The documentation of future ITS systems prepared by us always presents several variants both in terms of achieved goals and related costs. An element of each documentation is also the projected costs of operating the system, which is no longer financed from EU funds, as well as examples of system expansion costs, for example for additional intersections or a CCTV camera, for which the investor in most cases also covers from "own" money.

Improving traffic flow

For cities and municipalities that are not interested in or do not have financial resources to implement the ITS system, we prepare concepts to improve traffic flow. Such documentation, depending on the arrangements with the Investor, may assume reliance on the hardware solution already owned by the Investor and indicate/include projects for reprogramming these devices or assume modernization/retrofitting of the current infrastructure in a specific budget. The implemented solution often improves the flow of traffic to a greater extent than the oversized and costly ITS system.

Road safety inventory

Municipalities and cities where no separate units are dealing with traffic engineering or when these cells are overloaded with bureaucratic problems, often find themselves in a situation where they are not sure what BRD equipment is used on the roads they manage - whether it complies with the applicable regulations and whether its possibilities are fully used.

At the request of such municipalities and cities, we prepare an inventory of road safety devices used by them, we indicate which of these devices do not comply with the applicable regulations, which can be easily and cheaply expanded to improve the efficiency of their operation and for which there is no technical support from the manufacturer.

Such an inventory allows the Investor to be protected against legal consequences resulting from the illegal operation of devices or may be the basis for the developed documentation related to the implementation of the ITS system.

BRD programming and service

ZIR's engineers and technical specialists have many years of experience in providing outsourcing services for companies all over the world, such experience allows them to assist clients in programming and tuning not only devices of which we are a producer or distributor, but also devices of many other manufacturers. We invite all our potential customers - cities, municipalities, maintenance and construction companies - to submit inquiries regarding the programming and configuration of various types of controllers, video detection systems, radars and all other devices related to road safety - we will help if possible.


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