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ITC-3PL | Traffic Light Controller

ITC-3PL is a signalling controller designed for ease of service and flexible configuration. It is available in three variants: ITC-3PL / 6 - support for up to 18 output signals, ITC3PL / 12 - support for up to 36 signal groups and ITC3-PL / 24 - support for up to 72 output signals, which can be expanded with a extension module. The controller is able to handle a maximum of 192 output signals.

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Detailed information


  • High scalability - from small pedestrian crossings to large intersections connected to ITS systems
  • Touch screen enabling the intuitive introduction of changes in the signalling program and analysis of signalling operation (3 levels of access)
  • Simple and intuitive programming using the ITC-PC tool (the same software used to program ASR-2010PL controllers)
  • Adaptive local control - SMART INTERSECTION
  • X-Link protocol for data exchange with other controllers (also ASR-2010PL)
  • Adaptive coordination - SMART CORRIDOR - dynamic green wave
  • Cooperation with many monitoring and management systems: ZIR24, Utopia / Spot, Omnivue, EC-Trak, Scats
  • Cooperation with the ZIR-PRIORITY system
  • Support for up to 4 independent intersections
  • ModBus protocol support


The ITC-3PL controller has been tested and certified (by appropriate certification bodies) under Polish and European safety standards:

  • PN-EN 12675: 2000 Sounder controllers - Functional safety requirements
  • PN-EN 50293: 2012 Road traffic signal systems - Electromagnetic compatibility
  • PN-EN 50556: 2011 Road traffic signalling systems
  • PN-EN 60950-1: 2006 Information technology equipment - Safety - Part 1: Basic requirements


The ITC-3PL traffic light controller has been designed to control traffic in compliance with the highest safety standards. Among other things, the following security features have been implemented:

  • Verification of the uploaded version of the configuration (signalling program) using a checksum
  • Verification of the main CPU operation using a hardware watchdog
  • Storing the controller configuration (signalling program) in non-volatile memory protected with an access password
  • Backup of the real-time clock using a battery
  • Monitoring of the controller supply voltage
  • Independent supervision of the collision matrix and the value of green times
  • Two-way voltage and current measurement of output channels of signal groups

Type of controllers

  • ITC3-PL - Works with the mentioned systems excluded SPRINT / ITS / SCATS
  • ITC3-PL-D - Works with the mentioned systems and SPRINT / ITS / SCATS as well


High-quality finish



Easy and intuitive programming

Simple assembly and operation

A variety of versions to choose from

More information about the product:

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Internal number: 113

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