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Since its foundation, ZIR Group has been implementing a public transport priority system. The PT priority system is a cornerstone of each ITS today. For obvious, unarguable reasons, every city wants to implement it as this can result in less pollution, traffic, and accidents.

Detailed information

ZIR-PRIORITY-PT is based on the loT (Internet of Things) and uses devices and modems already installed in vehicles. Most of the previous priority systems required the installation of additional devices. This was highly problematic for several reasons, for example - vehicle warranties, number of devices in vehicles, sustainability of designs, etc. ZIR-PRIORITY-PT was designed based on not using additional devices that had to be installed in vehicles and at intersections. This solution enabled a simple, fast and affordable implementation. In addition, ZIR-PRIORITY-PT works directly with public transport management systems already used in the city.

This solution has received positive customer feedback, which considers the system to be scalable, simple to implement, and modern - as a system using existing infrastructure.

The ZIR-PRIORITY-PT system communicates using controllers of various manufacturers giving priority to public transport.

More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

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