Traffic Lights

LED inserts + masks

The offered LED inserts are characterized by excellent luminous flux and constant lighting from the central light sources. It is ensured increased service life and several years of maintenance-free exploitation. As an additional element for LED inserts, we offer special masks that allow you to display defined symbols.

Detailed information

The FuturLED 6 optical system offers phantom class 5, low energy consumption and more than 5 years of product life. The inserts are available in 100, 200, and 300 mm, and depending on the preferred dimension, they are powered by 230V, 42V, 40V, 24V, or 12V. Considering the different requirements of each country, we provide a diverse range of inserts that comply with all local regulations and special client requirements.

Masks made of polycarbonate can represent symbols available from the catalog or specially designed according to the customer’s request. The product meets all national norms and standards, such as RILSA and DIN. The LED modules can be easily fitted with masks and then replaced as necessary. Possible rotation every 22.5°. The position of the mask between the inner and outer lenses protects it against vandalism and negative environmental influences. 

Projekt wkładów LED został opracowany dzięki dofinansowaniu z Funduszy Europejskich.

  • Uniform signal glow - central light source
  • Top 5 phantom class
  • Low energy consumption and perfect luminous flux
  • All products are traceable by serial number
  • Life cycle > 5 years
  • Optimum thermal concept minimizes degradation
  • Automatic light compensation in case of diode failure
  • Proven technology
  • Dimming function available - 230V, 42V, 24V
  • Modules according to DIN VDE0832 available
  • 3 types of lenses; colorless, smoked and colored
  • 4 types of light color - red, yellow, green and white for public transport


High-quality finish

Full tightness (IP55), compliant with PN-EN 60529



A variety of versions to choose from

Full compliance with the PN-EN 12368 standard, certificate issued by SIQ from Ljubljana

More information about the product:

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