a platform integrating traffic management and priority systems, as well as monitoring and management of Road Safety devices. Available in On-Premises and SaaS models.

Detailed information

The ZIR24 platform had its roots in the late '90s when it was used as a window application SNS-ASR to monitor and manage the work of ASR controllers. At that time, a dial-up connection was used to communicate with the controllers, and the devices had their landline numbers.

The current version of ZIR24 only draws from the experience gained from the SNS-ASR application. The platform is available in two models, On-Premises and SaaS, although we recommend the latter solution to our customers.

The basic module, most often chosen by the platform users, enables monitoring of signaling controller management, and the map presents general information about the controllers. Clicking on the icon of a specific intersection provides the user with access to:

  • driver operation registry (logs);
  • real-time view of signaling operation;
  • registration of the bar graph of traffic lights work;
  • historical graphs of traffic lights work;
  • analysis of collected traffic data;
  • preview coordination on charts in real mode;
  • intersection documentation;
  • and many others

The second most popular module is the “ZIR-TRAFFIC", which is responsible for motion control, and its basic features are:

  • the linear coordination mode – in other words, "plan selection" is the selection of the optimal structure (plan) in terms of the length of the cycle for the entire coordinated sequence. Even though this is an archaic solution, many road managers consider it the most effective for multi-lane roads with heavy traffic, for example, in cities Gliwice, Jaworzno
  • adaptive control – optimizing, based on traffic data, the length of green signals in individual groups (for example, group control, not phase control), available in the SmartIntersection model (isolated intersection) and SmartCorridor (adaptive coordination);
  • AI-based controllers (control systems using artificial intelligence) – a modern intersection in the Plug & Play model – the controller is automatically programmed to analyze the movement at a distance of 150 meters before the intersection. User programs only safety parameters, and the control configuration is only an indication of the weights of individual relationships;

Other modules available in ZIR24:

  • ZIR-PRIORITY-PT – priority of public transport;
  • ZIR-PRIORITY-EV – priority of emergency vehicles;
  • ZIR-FLOW – detection, classification, and collection of vehicle traffic data using a neural network;
  • ZIR-CARPARK – visualization, management of parking systems
  • ZIR-PROCEDURE, ZIR-SCENARIO – the ability to create macro commands enabling changes to the control mode at more intersections at the same time as well as specifying the operating (or time) conditions in which macro commands are to be run automatically
  • video surveillance
  • data collection and managing other devices such as vehicle charging stations, meteorological stations, VMS signs, ANPR cameras, etc.

Key features of the ZIR24 platform:

  • access to the system via a web browser – no need to install any applications locally, the ability to operate from any operating system
  • multi-level access, the ability to create accounts such as administrator, operator, and observer
  • możliwość przypisania różnych uprawnień do użytkowników.
  • Internet access to low-privileged operator accounts, access using a VPN certificate for users who can make changes to ITS devices
  • scalability – the possibility for the customer to purchase only the necessary modules
  • the ability to send users alarms via SMS and e-mail (alarms definable by users)
  • the ability to generate reports on the operation of ITS devices
  • the possibility of "connecting"/adding digital documentation to individual devices – for example, to operating logs, data sheets, warranties
  • possibility of building additional modules according to customer requirements

More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

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