Today, no one can imagine an ITS system without priority for public transport. The increasing level of traffic congestion, adversely affecting the quality of life has become an incentive to take decisive steps to reduce and improve the traffic flow. Our ZIR-PRIORITY system allows us to effectively manage the flow of traffic and public transport, improving vehicle movement and increasing road users' comfort. The system has been developed considering the needs of the large cities with ITS systems and towns where this kind of a system is not necessary but also required the "priority" of public transport.

Detailed information

ZIR-PRIORITY is a system that allows priority service of public transport vehicles as well as emergency vehicles, often moving through the city to save lives.

Public transport
We started ambitiously, because in our native Silesia. Why ambitious? We take into account the specific features of public transport in our province, for which is responsible the Public Transport Authority - ZTM, coordinates the work of public transport in 56 cities and municipalities. Each of the municipalities has a different traffic control system or there is no traffic control system at all and priority must be able to implement locally - through the traffic controller. In addition, ZTM is only a transport organizer, not a carrier, as carriers carrying out transport on individual lines are selected in tenders – this results in a high turnover of vehicles, which is why their retrofitting is problematic. Thanks to such requirements, the ZIR-PRIORITY system is flexible and scalable and can be implemented in any city outside Silesia.

In 2014, as part of the implementation of the priority in Gliwice, we planned to use a system based on IoT (Internet of Things), trying to use devices and modems already installed in vehicles. Then it proved to be impossible – the data was updated with too much delay and had a low resolution. In those days, we installed Short Range Radio modems (RKZ) in the vehicles most often used in Gliwice and at intersections. This solution, used to this day, has allowed us to achieve the best results in terms of timeliness and frequency of data.

In 2018, as part of our partner's implementation of the ITS system in the city of Chorzowów, we were responsible for supplying the traffic control system with the data necessary to give priority. Due to the nature of the city (transit), it was not possible to select vehicles that pass through Chorzów, which is why the system was based on IoT solutions, thanks to which no devices had to be installed in vehicles or at intersections.

The loT solution allows data to be transmitted not only to ITS systems but also directly to signaling controllers, which on this basis can give priority. This makes the use of the priority system also possible in towns and municipalities that do not have an ITS system.

Regardless of the method of implementation of the priority system, its prioritization may depend on delays in the timetable, the line that a given vehicle serves, or the inlet of the intersection at which it appeared.

Emergency vehicles
Emergency vehicles are not equipped with any standardized system to supervise their movement, so to operate them as a priority, they must be equipped with RKZ with the appropriate software. The same devices are used on the side of the intersection, which is the "priority" of public transport.

The priority of public transport is maintenance-free from the driver's point of view. For safety reasons in emergency vehicles, the driver decides to use the system, but his involvement is limited to making a single decision for the entire route. Priority requests are implemented using a remote control mounted in the vehicle.

The priority system is available in two models: the first one is "all red" when all signals transmit a red signal, and the intersection shield is "cleaned" of vehicles. The emergency vehicle bypasses the waiting vehicles and safely passes through the intersection. Another priority, so-called the "green inlet", causes all signals at the inlet to which the emergency vehicle is approaching to display a green signal, and the other vehicles, being in front of the emergency vehicle, pass through the intersection paving the way for the emergency vehicle.

Priority system management software is also available in the SaaS model.


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