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Experience related to the improvement of traffic flow through the use of advanced signal control algorithms has shown that such improvement is not always possible - we come to a certain traffic volume, at which it is simply not possible to pass more vehicles through the intersection. However, this does not mean that we, as traffic engineers, gave up, on the contrary, we started to think about how to reduce the number of vehicles.

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Of course, we immediately rejected all ideas related to the so-called "making life difficult for drivers", because it is clear to us that definitely "not the way to go". On the other hand, the idea to make it easier for drivers to find a parking space and limit the number of kilometers traveled in search of a parking space, often in the very center of the city, seemed to us much more reasonable. This is how we found Urbiotica parking solutions.


After getting acquainted with the range of Urbiotica parking solutions, we immediately understood that the implementation of the parking system is not only a convenience for the driver, it is primarily a convenience for parking lot managers. It is not only about public car parks in cities, but also car parks at production factories, shopping malls, housing estates and Passenger Service Areas on highways and expressways. The wide range of solutions offered by Urbiotica allows you to choose the right solution for virtually every outdoor car park.

Vehicle detection

Vehicle detection is performed in one of three ways: magnetic field analysis, magnetic and infrared field analysis, video image analytics. Such a wide range of vehicle detection options allows you to optimize the system implementation costs - the effectiveness of all three detection methods is very high and is always over 95%.
Video image analytics (U-Spot Visio) is the most sensible solution in places where the camera can "see" many parking spaces at the same time, for example in parking lots at shopping centers or in Passenger Service Areas on highways or expressways. The cameras, however, require mounting on high masks (10 meters) and a constant power supply.
Magnetic detection (U-Spot / U-Spot M2M) is a very flexible solution - the sensors are mounted in the surface, but in the case of parallel parking lots, the sensor does not have to be installed in its central point under the car, but it can be installed in the pavement, next to the parking space - such a solution makes the assembly much easier because parking cars do not delay it. Communication with the parking system server takes place via relay stations forming a mesh network (U-Sense 868 / 915Mhz) or in the NB-IoT technology which uses a mobile network, which eliminates the need to build a network of relay stations. The battery life of the sensor is over 10 years.
The combination of magnetic and infrared technology (U-Spot DUO) enables vehicle detection even in places where magnetic field disturbances are very strong, e.g. in the immediate vicinity of a tram track. In addition, the U-Spot DUO parking sensors enable communication using the LoRaWAN protocol. Battery life of the sensor is up to 10 years.

U-Admin parking system software

However, an effective method of vehicle detection is not everything - in order for the sensors to cease to be only vehicle detectors and a permanent solution to the parking problem, software is needed. Urbiotica software not only provides information about the occupancy of a given sensor, advanced algorithms can, among other things, determine the number of free parking spaces in parking lots parallel to the streets without designated parking spaces.
Additional tools for managing parking spaces allow, among other things, to supervise the use of parking spaces for disabled people, the mobile application of the system requires authorization of parking in such a place - in the absence of authorization, a quick reaction of municipal services is possible to verify whether the person parking in such a place is for sure is entitled to do so. Providing access for disabled people to public space is a very important duty of its managers - it is important to provide tools supporting this process.
The software also allows you to supervise the occupancy of parking spaces at vehicle charging stations, the communication of the system with the charging station allows you to automatically determine that the vehicles parked there are not connected to it. The system also supports the control of parking time, e.g. in places intended only for unloading goods or in areas where parking time is limited.
Of course, the parking system can be coupled with the toll collection system, toll control or even penalties for incorrect parking (the so-called additional fees).
The software is available both in the Cloud version, thanks to which the user does not have to build an IT infrastructure in the form of a server room or network, as well as "on-premises" installed on the client's server.
The U-Admin API interface allows you to transfer and download data to external systems, thanks to which it is possible to collect data from many different parking systems as well as transfer data to central applications, including ZIR24.

Information for drivers.

One of the methods of informing drivers about available parking spaces and parking rules is the aforementioned mobile application. However, drivers most often use road signs displaying the number of available places on a given street or square. The boards we offer are products of the Polish company RGB Technology. The boards have an implemented protocol that enables communication with the U-Admin application. The size of the board, the number of lines or displayed colors are tailored to the needs, expectations, and capabilities of the client.


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