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Autoscope | Video Detection

The error-free detection of vehicles at intersections with traffic lights is the basic factor determining the optimal traffic control, and thus reducing the stopping time of vehicles in the intersection area.

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Detailed information

In a situation where it is not possible to build vehicle detection based on induction loops - the condition of the surface, its type does not allow it, there is no space or financial resources to build the cable sewage system necessary for induction loops, the best choice is to install the Autoscope video detection produced by Image Sensing Systems.

One camera installed above the road can handle up to 3 lanes and detect vehicles already 70 meters ahead of the stop line. Autoscope line products are used in Europe, the United States and the Middle East - users appreciate them for their quality, durability, ease of programming, and above all, for the effective detection of various types of vehicles (cars, motorbikes, bicycles).

The video detection module based on a dual-core processor allows the use of advanced vehicle detection algorithms, operation from the level of a web browser, streaming of digital video and ensures ease of configuration and operation. The Ethernet connector enables easy connection of the module to the network, thanks to which it is possible to remotely configure and monitor the operation of the module as well as connect it to the applications of central ITS systems.




High-quality finish



Detection of multiple vehicles

Easy to install

Low power consumption

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