The increase in road traffic, in a way, forces an increase in investment expenditure related to the construction of new roads and traffic lights and the adjustment of the existing infrastructure to the current needs. The construction department at the disposal of ZIR Group has relevant experience, gained in numerous projects carried out mainly in Silesia and the neighbouring provinces, as well as the availability of materials and devices that guarantee the highest quality of service.

We built the first traffic lights in 1989, at the very beginning of the company's operations. Since then, we have had thousands of new projects behind us, which we have implemented with great care, based on many years of experience. Our advantage is a group of specialists in various fields related to road construction and road signalling, thanks to which we are prepared for any eventuality, and we solve every problem thanks to cooperation with trusted colleagues.

Thanks to the concentration of three specialized companies, we can ensure the complete implementation of tasks related to the construction of traffic lights, from the performance of traffic analysis and traffic light design to the final programming of the road controller. With each order, we can offer a wide range of our products that have gained recognition around the world.

As part of construction services, we provide:

- project implementation and consultation,

- execution of construction tasks related to the erection of traffic lights,

- first launch of road signalling,

- use of the highest quality products.

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