The central application ZIR24 was created in response to the growing offer of the company's products and to the modern needs of customers for whom fast and secure access to the platform enabling monitoring and management of ITS infrastructure from the level of a web browser is of particular importance.

Detailed information

ZIR24 is a modular application in which the user can adapt the modules to the current needs. The basic module of the application is the traffic light monitoring and management module, which has all the functions that were available in the now unsupported SNS / ASR system, i.e. active intersection diagrams, creating bar graphs of signalling programs and traffic intensity, viewing registers, etc. Additionally, it has the functionality which allows you to easily verify the operation of the coordination. A launch system has also been implemented scenarios at multiple intersections at the same time and the management of follow-up, as well as many other functions that cannot be described. The application is constantly developed, and its new version is released at least every two months, but the update itself does not require any action on the part of the user.

Subsequent modules are responsible for the management and monitoring of the public transport priority system and emergency vehicles, which are described in detail in the tab ZIR PRIORITY.

Besides, the system is equipped with Autoscope video detection modules, vehicle charging stations, CCTV and PTZ cameras, and control of barriers supporting the entrance to the parking with limited access. It is possible to build additional modules according to customer requirements.

System advantages:

  • Access to the system via a web browser - no need to install any applications locally, can be operated from any operating system.
  • Multi-level access, the ability to create administrator, operator and observer accounts.
  • Possibility to assign different authorizations to users.
  • Internet access to operator accounts with low privileges, access using a VPN certificate for users who can introduce changes to ITS devices
  • Scalability - the customer can purchase only the necessary modules
  • Ability to send alarms to users via SMS and e-mail (user-definable alarms)
  • The ability to generate reports on the operation of ITS devices
  • Possibility of "attaching" digital documentation to individual devices, e.g. operation logs, catalog cards, warranties, etc.
  • Possibility to build a module according to the client's needs.
  • ITS equipment maintenance support provided by the "Service requests" module (new)

System distribution rules


The customer only buys access to the system, does not need to have any IT back-up, provide communication with drivers or maintain servers. Everything is handled by ZIR, and the client gets access to the platform via a web browser.


The customer buys a license for the ZIR24 system, which is installed on his servers and decides for himself whether he wants to maintain communication between the server and ITS devices, or outsource this task to ZIR.


The option works like the above-mentioned Cloud, except that the collected data is additionally copied to the server indicated by the client.


More information about the product:

Phone: +48 32 387 85 25

Internal number: 113

Or e-mail

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