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ASR-2010PL | Traffic Light Controller

The ASR-2010PL controller has a modular structure and is configurable for all types of intersections. Possibility of direct connection of programs to various systems and controls using the TCP / IP protocol (e.g. LTE modem). Depending on the number of group files required, the controller can be shipped in various different sizes.

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Detailed information

For most intersections, a 3U cassette with 16 signal groups and 32 detectors will be the appropriate choice. For larger intersections, or where the controller is to handle more than one intersection, versions with 32 and 48 signal groups and 80 detectors have been developed. 

ASR-2010PL is a device designed to work regardless of the prevailing climatic conditions. Currently, it is used both in the cold regions of Scandinavia and in the hot regions of the Middle East and Africa. The device is delivered in one of two standard housing dimensions, with a material selected by the customer - galvanized steel or aluminium. On request, the customer can receive a wardrobe dedicated to unusual solutions.

The controller has been developed under European and national standards.


  • Linux operating system with WEB interface
  • Built-in operator panel (with three access levels) allows you to view and change all parameters (except for security parameters)
  • Detection system based on induction loops (8 loops supported by one module). 
  • Detection system based on Autoscope video detection modules.
  • Support for digital inputs and outputs allows you to connect pedestrian buttons and connect any other detection system
  • The policeman's panel allows you to turn on and off object signals, switch to the "flashing yellow" mode, "manual" phase switching
  • The RS-232 and Ethernet interface allows access to additional controller functions, uploading and downloading the signalling program and analyzing the signalling operation
  • Each of the signal group modules supports two groups (8 channels), each channel is current and voltage supervised, the module is also available in the 42V version
  • The main processor module is based on an ARM processor and has a battery-operated real-time clock backup system

Software functions

The ASR-2010PL controller is programmed with the ITC-PC software running under the Windows operating system. Programming the controller is carried out by parameterizing its functions and also by creating PLC blocks, thus developing new functions. The ASR-Debbuger software is used to test the developed configurations.

32 plans (structures) can be programmed in the controller, selected based on: a daily-weekly plan, traffic situation or by the central application. It is possible to create fixed-time, accommodated, acyclic, coordinated structures.

With the use of the X-Link protocol, it is possible to create acyclic coordination - data exchange between controllers about the status of signal groups, the status of individual detectors, traffic counting or constant cycle coordination - a GPS module or an NTP time server can be used for time synchronization.

One controller can handle up to four independent intersections, each intersection has a separate set of relays which ensures their physical separation - they work in the same way as if they were controlled by 4 independent controllers.

It is possible to define "traffic counters" enabling storing traffic data in 1-minute intervals (possibility of reading at various intervals selected by the user), the data is stored in the controller for 7 days - after being sent to the monitoring and management system ZIR24 for an unlimited time.

Complies with Scandinavian LHOVRA specification.

Built-in priority functions for Public transport vehicles

The ASR-2010PL controller has an interface for cooperation with the following monitoring and signaling management systems: ZIR24, Omnia / Utopia / Spot, Omnivue and EC-Trak UTC. 


The ASR-2010PL controller is equipped with a two-channel work supervision system, the first is located in the main CPU, the second in the so-called Safety-CPU. Each system monitors the following parameters: 

  • Collision matrix
  • Values ​​of green times
  • Signal sequences
  • The value of the minimum and maximum times of the individual signals Min. And max. times for all signal states
  • Minimum and maximum cycle time. The maximum waiting time for a green signal. Min. And max. load for red, yellow and green signals
  • Min. and max. main supply voltage
  • Min. and max. power frequency
  • The value of the supply voltage determining the transition to the dim mode
  • Safety-CPU has 4 general-purpose inputs and 4 general-purpose outputs

Technical details

Basic sizes (groups of signals): 4, 16, 32, 48

Internal protocol for communication with the Autoscope video detection system

Voltage: 230 VAC (-20%/+15%)

Ambient temperature: -40°C- 80°C

Output load: max. 500 VA

I / O interfaces: 5-48V, 100mA

Total output power: 3.7 kVA

Cabinet (large): 120 x 140 x 40 [cm] (width x height x depth)

Cabinet (small): 60 x 140 x 40 [cm] (width x height x depth)

Communication: RS 232, Ethernet

System connections: ZIR24, Utopia / Spot, Omnivue, EC-Trak, Scats

Certificates: EN-12675, EN-50293, HD-638 S1



High-quality finish



Easy and intuitive programming

Simple assembly and operation

Różnorodność wersji

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